We would like to introduce the Leg Covers that we have invented, developed, and patented.

THE Leg Covers





The Leg Covers are new legwear we've developed.

They're both fashionable and practical.


These Leg Covers are worn on the legs by hidden special Inner Fasteners.

That is, it does not have any fasteners on the outside, so we are sure that the look of it is so stylish than any other similar product, and that it is also the best in comfort when wearing.



THE Inner fasteners





 The body of this Inner Fasteners are a development of a medical knee support into fashion innerwear.

On its soft circular knitted material, tuck buttons for jeans are attached in a special way.

Although it looks like such a simple structure, its material and shape reflect many of the results of our many years of research.




 Just put the Inner Fasteners on your leg and fasten the buttonholes of the Leg Covers to the tuck buttons of it.

They can be separated, so it is smooth to put on and take off.

In addition, it is also possible to replace only the Leg Covers with another Leg Covers while wearing the Inner Fasteners.


Amazingly, these Leg Covers can be worn perfectly with just such a small Inner Fasteners.

I think this idea that you can change various Leg Covers as long as you have a pair of Inner Fasteners is very convenient and fun for fashion lovers.


These have been worn on a daily basis by developers for more than 10 years and have proven that they do not interfere with leg movement, do not pose a health hazard, and are strong and durable.

In other words, these are products that do not require further improvement and can be commercialized immediately.


New fashion





 The strong point of these Inner Fasteners is that they don't choose the fabric of the Leg Covers.

This means that any fabric can be made into Leg Covers, so it can be made into a matching cloth with the bottoms, the tops and outerwear.


In addition, you can choose any pair of shoes to match the Leg Covers of the day, so these styles can be used for both summer and winter outfits.

It can be worn for formal, casual or sporty attire.




 If you have the right size Inner Fasteners, you can use one pair to enjoy Leg Covers of various lengths from below the knee to above the knee.

  These can also be worn over stockings or tights.


As mentioned above, these Leg Covers styles, which have infinite possibilities in materials, designs, genres, etc., deserve to be called a new fashion.



Our Patents





 We have obtained a patent from the European Patent Office for the idea of wearing leg covers using inner fasteners and currently hold them for France, the UK and Italy.


 We are currently considering licensing agreements or selling these rights with other companies.






No. 2441336

France, U.K., Italy

 Design  [ Supporter for Leg Covers ]

No. 1434304



 Welcome to DKMC official website.

Here we introduce new fashion (Style with the Leg Covers) that we invented.

That use our patented special inner fastener for that worn on leg.

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