about THE Leg covers

We would like to introduce the Leg Covers that we have invented, developed, and patented.

THE Leg Covers


The Leg Covers are new legwear we've developed.  They're both fashionable and practical.



Although invisible on the surface, they use special inner fastener for they worn on legs comfortably and stylishly. The special inner fasteners use knee support material with tuck buttons (for jeans) attached by a special method.


This mini alone makes the Leg Covers with buttonholes perfectly wearable.



These inner fasteners and the Leg Covers are removable, so the number of inner fasteners you need to wear different the Leg Covers is only one pair.


Unlike long boots and leg warmers, the Leg Covers do not slip off. And they won't make it difficult for you to walk. And they won't make your feet sweaty.


They can be used not only in winter but also as summer clothes.


Even if you're wearing short-length bottoms, those Leg Covers hide a bit of the exposed bare skin on your legs, so you can look sexy yet classy.


These Leg Covers are made with matching cloth with the bottoms and the tops and outerwear, making it easy to choose your outfit of the day.


The materials and designs about them are endless, so it is a style that does not choose the four seasons, TPO, or age.







The shape of this special inner fasteners is the result of our long research and development.


The structure in which the Leg Cover and this are separated is the most important point.


The second crucial point is to use the tuck buttons to join the Leg Cover to this. The tuck buttons create just enough space and playing between the Leg Cover and this. That has the effect of preventing the Leg Cover, which moves with the leg, from pulling down the this.


Many techniques are used for this, such as the number and position of tuck buttons, how to attach the tuck buttons to elastic fabric, etc.


We are sure you will agree that the shape of this is the best for wearing the Leg Covers comfortably and beautifully.


Our Patent



 We have a patent for the special inner fasteners and the Leg Covers in France, UK and Italy. "There is no similar idea to this method of wearing leg covers in the world." the European Patent Office proved.



A patent is the hardest intellectual property right.

It is at a different level from trademarks and designs.

"This patent is a very rare achievement in the fashion industry," many lawyers praised us.


This patent has the power to monopolize the European market for this big new fashion (style with the Leg Covers).

And remember that there is no fashion that alienates the European market.

This means that a fashion brand based in Europe cannot infringe this patent, even in markets in countries where this patent is not valid.

Therefore, the brand (parent company) that buys this patent or license from us will benefit more than the scope of the patent.


We at DKMC is the holder of this patent, not the manufacturer or fashion brand that commercializes it.

This is because we believe that in order to spread new fashion around the world, it is essential to debut in a large collection by a long-established leading fashion brand.


We hope to meet a wonderful company that will receive our inventions and achievements and make them bloom.





No. 2441336

France, U.K., Italy

 Design  [ Supporter for Leg Covers ]

No. 1434304


 Welcome to DKMC official website.

Here we introduce new fashion (Style with the Leg Covers) that we invented.

That use our patented special inner fastener for that worn on leg.

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